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Wireframe & Design

Gather Data, Sketching
Gather Data

We gather all initial data from client to create website page sketch


Before actual web page design, we create page sketch to create layout and approve from client


Create Designs based on sketches


Forward designs to client for review and make any required adjustments

Client Side Scripting

Plan, Scripting, Testing
Code Planing

Prepare Code Structure, like HTML tags and CSS selectors

Scripting Standards

Well commented and well indented scripting, W3 validated content

Cross Browser Testing

We make sure our all coded pages work fine on all major browsers

Cross Platform Testing

Test all pages on different plateforms, test on tablets and mobiles for responsive pages


Do a final review and forward to client for approval

Server Side Scripting

Scripting and Database
Code Planing

Plan for all possible source files and it's coding so we proceed accordingly

Scripting & Database

Well orgnized scripting and relational database management

Test Cases

Divide testing into different cases and do detailed testing

Cross Plateform Testing

Do testing on all major plateforms so make sure it works on all tested plateforms without any issues


Forward to client to do a final review and approve it for launch

Testing and Launch

Pre-launch Testing, Launch
Pre-launch Testing

Before we bring it live, we make sure everything is ok and there's no issue

Review and Fixing

We fix all issues if any found in pre-launch testing


Bring site Live on client server